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一个玩家维护的任何人都可以编辑的资源! 我们目前有 98 篇 关于 Pixpil 开发的后世界末日冒险 RPG 的文章。

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Chucklefish is going to EGX 2022!

After 2 years of a global pandemic, we ARE BACK TO PHYSICAL EVENTS! 🙌 Yeaaaah, that’s right: if you’re going to EGX 2022 (UK), you will have a chance to visit Chucklefish’s booth at the event, say “hi” to us (please, don’t be shy! 😳) and of course get early access to play our upcoming charming games!  EGX takes place at ExCeL London, UK from the 22nd to 25th of September and we’ll be bringing with us Wildfrost, Eastward and a special guest! As always we’ll have merch on-hand to give away to whoever visits our booth! If you don’t […]

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superconsole 2022-09-15 13:00:04
Eastward: Spanish and German Language update available now!

We have awesome news! 🤩 The Spanish and German localisation patch is available now! Everyone who has bought the game (digital or in physical edition) will be able to update it to receive Spanish and German as a language option. ⚠️But remember: you MUST UPDATE YOUR GAME to get the patch! A big thanks here for the hard work of the Pixpil development team and localisation partners at Riotloc for working their best to bring this patch to players as quickly as possible! As you may know, since March we have been facing a frustrating delay with the German & […]

The post Eastward: Switch Retail Version OUT NOW!

It’s time to grab your 🍳frying pan🍳: ‘cause the physical (standard) retail release of Eastward on Nintendo Switch is OUT NOW! Developed by Pixpil (with the physical version produced by iam8bit), the Switch (Standard) Physical Edition includes a chibi sticker sheet as a bonus. (So you can spread your love about your favorite characters wherever you want!) For our players in the US, you can grab the physical edition copy online at Amazon, Best Buy, Target or Walmart. For our European community – check out the full store links below for stockists in different countries: [🇬🇧UK] Base.com…

Tammy 2022-05-24 16:25:48


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